Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions as of 04/16/2017
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Trail New Snow Base Condition Comments
Cor. 19S - from WMRR Clubhouse towards Gorham Closed
Alt. 19 S - Parallel's Cor. 19 Within Jericho Mt. Park Closed
Cor. 19N -From WMRR clubhouse to Cor. 28 in Dummer Closed
Cor. 11 - From Cor. 19 towards Jefferson Closed
Trail 118 - From Cor. 19 to Cor. 11 Closed
Trail 109 - From Cor. 11 towards Groveton Closed
Trail 108 - Berlin Trail between Cor. 19 & Cor 12 Closed
Nay Pond Trail (off PT109) Closed
Camp Loop Trail - From Cor. 19 to Trail 118 Closed
Scenic View Trail (Warming Hut Trail) Closed
Mt. Forist Trail - From Cor. 19 to Top of Mt. Forest Closed
Cates Hill Trail - From Cor. 19 to Top of Cates Hill Closed
Pontook Parking Lot Trail located on Rt 16 Closed Trail access parking for Cor 19.
Boom House Trail (From Cor. 19 to Closten Hill Rd) Closed
Bickford Hill Trail (off Alt. 19 south of PT117 jct.) Closed
Mud Pond Trail - (From Cor. 19 to Newell Brook Rd.) Closed
ATV Trails in Jericho Mt. State Park Closed for mud season
Comments All trails are closed !! Thanks for a great season !! See you guys next year !

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