WMRR   Safety Tips

Pre-start Checklist

Before every trip, do a pre-start safety check.

Point your snowmobile in a safe direction.

Check the steering system. Does it move easily?

Check the throttle. Does it move easily? (Press in and release. Make sure it is not frozen in the "on" position.)

Check the brakes. Do they stick or bind?

Headlights and taillights: Do they both work?

Fuel level: Is it enough for the return trip?

Oil injection: Oil well full?

Emergency stop switch: Does it work?

Track: Is it clear of snow and ice?

Before starting the machine, you should check these important things.

Clothing: Are you dressed property?

Always tell someone where you are going and approximately when you expect to be back.

Never go alone. Always use the buddy system. Your life may depend on it

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