WMRR   Safety Tips

Pre-season Checklist

Read the operator's manual written specifically for your model snowmobile. Be sure you make all proper adjustments and lubrications, and follow safety suggestions. If any repairs or adjustments are needed, get them done before you travel anywhere on your snowmobile.


      Replace of spark plugs.


      Replace fuel filter.

      Check fittings.

Drive belt

      Check belt for wear and cracks.

      Measure old belt and compare to

      specifications. Replace if necessary.


      Examine for broken cleats, loose or torn

      drive holes, and ply separation.

      Align track.

      Check track tension.


      Align skis.

      Examine for loose weld joints, loose or

      worn out wear rods.



      Examine chain tension.

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      Replace burned out bulbs.

      Apply brakes and check stoplights.




      Adjust to proper setting.

      Free operation.

      Are brakes worn?

Check for loose nuts and bolts

     on the sled.

Bogie wheels and/or slides

      Wheel condition.


      Axle wheels and bearings.

      Loose nuts and bolts.

      Broken welds and springs.

      Slide rails.

Check spare parts and tools

      Light bulbs:

      Pack so they won't break.

      Always replace with correct type.

      Avoid damage to electrical

      system with wrong bulbs.

      Spark plugs need to be gapped, refer

      to the owner's manual for proper

      setting.  In an emergency, a match book

      cover will approximate gap.

      Spare belt.

      Tools (Pliers, adjustable wrench,      

      screwdrivers: flat and Phillips)

      Starter pull rope.

      Owner's manual.

      Emergency survival kit.

      Duct tape.

      Siphon hose.

      Tow rope.

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