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"Night Riding"

Night Riding

    Night riding is popular for many reasons. It is a good time for people to get together during the week. By the time students are home from school, parents are home from work, and supper is over, it is usually dark out. Also, night riding is different from daytime riding. The stillness of dark trees, especially when the moon is out, is enchanting.

    However many accidents occur after dark. There is a great danger of hitting things at night which you might see easily during the day. Here are some tips that apply to any time of day.

  1. Make sure your lights are working well and taillights are free of snow.
  2. Don't overdrive the machine's headlights. Snowmobile headlights are adequate for reduced speed only.
  3. Don't travel on unfamiliar ground at night.
  4. Carry a flashlight or flare for emergency signaling.
  5. Never drive alone. In case of an accident, another snowmobiler can save your life.
  6. Never blaze a new trail at night.
  7. Use extreme caution when operating in freezing rain, because goggles may freeze over.

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