WMRR   Safety Tips

"Heads Up"

General Safety Tips:

Accident reports show that many accidents happen as a result of colliding with fixed objects such as trees, fences, stumps, rocks, logs, and culverts. Often these objects are partially or completely hidden by snow. If you are not alert, you might hit one of these before you even see it.

    Many snowmobile trails are parts of existing road rights-of-way, lanes between fields, or trails in the woods. In all cases other persons might change the terrain in some way without knowing that they are making it dangerous for snomobiles and riders. Snowfall and drifting can cover culverts, fallen tree limbs, fences, and rocks quickly. If you don't know the area, be smart and take it slowly.

    Always be on the lookout for hidden wires, expecially in areas that may have been farmed at one time or another. Too many accidents have been caused by running into wires in fields, guy wires next to poles and roads, barbed wire, and chains used as road closures. Particularly in unfamiliar areas, you must drive at a speed which will allow you to stop quickly.

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