WMRR   Safety Tips

Hand Signals

    When traveling as a group, you must give hand signals to the person behind you. Don't make sloppy signals. Be sure the person behind you can see your signals. Use signals at all times when riding.


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Stop or Slow


For stop or slow, raise your left hand straight up, reaching high.


signal2.jpg (3645 bytes)
Turn Left

For a left turn, point your left hand out straight from your shoulder.

signal3.jpg (3452 bytes)
Turn Right


For a right turn, bend your left arm at the elbow so your elbow
makes a corner, and your hand points up.


signal4.jpg (4176 bytes)
Snowmobile Coming

Snowmobiles coming - move over to extreme right hand side of trail.


    These signals are expecially important when group riding. Stay a safe distance behind the snowmobile ahead of you. When you are making a turn, remember that at a blind corner the noise of your machine may prevent you from hearing another machine coming toward you. Approach turns carefully. Always stay to the right on a trail. Slow down when passing skiers or snowshoers.

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