Safety Tips

Night Riding - Precautions to take while riding at night.
Heads Up - General safety tips you should always be aware of while riding a snowmobile.
Put it in your pocket - Items you should have before leaving on your snowmobile.
Preseason Checklist - Before snowmobile season starts, use this checklist to make sure your snowmobile is working properly.
Prestart checklist - Use this list to go over your  snowmobile before every ride.
Trailer prestart checklist - A list of things to go over on your trailer to insure smooth operation and before loading a snowmobile.
Equipment - Essential emergency equipment you must have before going on a snowmobile ride.
Hand Signals - Correct hand signals to use when operating your snowmobile.
Ethics - What conduct is expected from  you as snowmobile rider.
Trail Signs - What to look for while moving through the trails.
Young Riders
- NH State Laws governing riders under the age of 18.
Good Samaritan Law
- NH State Law protects you from liability if you offer assistance at an accident scene.
Volunteer Protection Law - NH State Law protects you from liability if you are a club member volunteer.

Other Helpful Info For Other Clubs

Mogul Master Drag Info
Storing and Organizing Your Trail Signage
WMRR Bridge Design Overview


Approved by NHSA map and trails committee

1. FOR ONCOMING SLEDS: The sled should pull off the trail  and allow the groomer to pass by.

2. OVERTAKING A GROOMER: The groomer operator should find a safe place to pull over and stop. The rider can then

    check to see if they can safely pass the groomer. 

    NOTE: The groomer operator will not signal a sled to pass. 

    REASON:  Each rider must take responsibility for passing by the groomer safely.



215-c:8 operation of snowmobiles.

section IIIb, Item 3:

  10 miles per hour at trail junctions on parking lots, or when passing trail grooming equipment.

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