Storing and Organizing Your Trail Signs

By Larry Gomes, White Mountain Ridge Runners

For Trail Masters Meeting – December 4, 2004


If you are like most clubs, your trail signs are competing for space in your club garage or even your home garage.   For most of the year, they sit there ignored (or buried behind other stuff) until mid-December, when they suddenly take center stage.  At that point, you are scrambling to find the signs that you need to post and the signs that you ordered from the Trails Bureau.  Generally speaking, things could be better organized.


After a frustrating experience last fall, we decided to re-organize our signs alphabetically.  It allows anyone to quickly find the signs that they need and to put them back in the right place at the end of the season. 


Building a Sign Storage Cabinet

Our re-organization started with a steel storage cabinet.  We set up the metal shelves so they could fit a standard size milk crate.  Then we used milk crates to break up the cabinet into sections. 


We stored our signs into (and between) the milk crates in alphabetical order using the list on the reverse side of this document.  When we were done, we put labels on the door next to each shelf so we would know which signs should be stored on that shelf.


Trail Signs – Stored in Alphabetical Order


Trail Sign Name

Qty on Hand

Arrow – Orange


Arrow – Yellow




Caution – Bridge Ahead


Caution – Gate Ahead


Caution – Logging Ahead




Corridor Trail


Dead End – Do Not Enter


Diamond – Orange


Junction Ahead


Keep Right


Landowner Sign


No Snowmobiles (Logging)


No Snowmobiles (Symbol)


No Snowmobiles (Words)


Object / Bridge Marker  (Black Stripes on Yellow)


Please Stay On Trail




Primary Trail


S-Curves Ahead


Services (Blue on white sign available from NHSA)




Snowmobiles Permitted on This Trail


Snowmobile Speed Limit (10 mph)


Stay on Trail or Stay Home




Stop Ahead


Trail Bikes / ATV Prohibited


Trail Funded by Registration Fees


Trail Information


Trail Parking


Watch for Groomer


Wheeled Vehicles Prohibited