More of Local Wind Power Will go to Vermont in November
by Edith Tucker
Coos County Democrat
August 16, 2012

MILLSFIELD — Currently approximately 55 percent of the energy produced by the Granite Reliable Power wind farm in Millsfield and Dixville is purchased by Vermont utilities, with the rest being sold into the New England power system, explained Joanne Walsh, communications specialist for U. S. operations at Brookfield Renewable Energy, located in Marlborough, Mass.

Starting in November, however, approximately 82 percent of the energy produced by the project will be sold to Vermont utilities and the balance into the New England power system, Walsh said. “Eight months into our first year of operation, our team is in place and things are going well at the Granite Reliable Wind Project,” she said.

Coös residents may have noticed the 25 trucks that were used to maneuver a 600-ton crane through Dixville. The crane was transported along challenging terrain to conduct routine maintenance at the wind project, Walsh pointed out. “These extraordinary events can impact the daily patterns of residents, so we’re grateful for the support we’ve received from the local communities for the Granite Wind Project.”

When asked for more specific production figures, Walsh explained that Brookfield does not provide monthly generation figures for either its hydro or its wind assets.

“The summer has so far been hot and dry, with modestly less wind than expected,” she said, noting, however, that looking at production levels over such a short period is not indicative.

“Moreover, this is not peak season for Granite in any event,” Walsh pointed out. “Over time we expect the wind farm to generate on the order of 225,000 MWh/year. 

The 33-turbine wind farm has a 99-megawatt nameplate capacity.


Some of the 33 wind towers that are part of the Granite Reliable wind farm of Brookfield Power in the Phillips Brook Valley


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