Record Summer Crowds Visit Warming Hut

May 31, 2012

Photos by John Higgins
Story by Larry Gomes

BERLIN –The Jericho Warming Hut was opened on May 11th of this year and there have already been over 100 people that have signed into the Guest Book.  At this pace, the number of visitors to the warming hut will eclipse last winters total of 500 by the beginning of July. 

Comments from visitors are very complimentary with many writing  "Awesome",  "Great Job" or "Excellent View" in the comments column.  Visitors have also been generous leaving money in the donations box to help fund maintenance and future projects.  The club is hoping to collect enough money to build an outdoor deck with log furniture perched on the edge of the drop-off so visitors can relax and enjoy a birds eye view.  They also want to install a tile floor over the wood subfloor that is currently in place.

So far, 148 Founders have pledged $100 each to have their name and dedication message engraved on a plaque in the warming hut forever.  Another 52 Founders are being sought to pay off the expenses incurred during the building of the warming hut. 

The club broke ground on the project on June 15, 2011 and the building exterior was completed on Sept. 25th.  The warming hut was opened for visitors on December 5th and the final interior work was completed on December 19, 2011.

Here is a picture taken by John Higgins last Saturday afternoon that says it all:



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