Permanent Plaques Installed at Warming Hut

July 16, 2015

Pictures and Story By Larry Gomes

It took longer than we thought, but the permanent plaques listing all of the donors to the Jericho Warming Hut are now in place.

The process actually started last winter with chasing down the last few pledge payments and finalizing the information that was going to be on the plaques.  Then a search was done to determine the plaque design. 

Because the Warming Hut is powered by renewable energy, we wanted to have the plaque to be lit by DC power.  We settled on using a thick acrylic sheet with laser cut letters.  There are not many manufacturers that do this type of work and we found a company in Maine that turned out to be the perfect choice.

The company is called "Boards Under My Feet".  While it may be a strange name for a company using high-tech lasers, the owner Len Carver turned out to be extremely talented and he has even perfected a method to reproduce pictures using laser engraving.

Len had never been to the Jericho ATV Park, so he and his helper made the trip from Maine to New Hampshire in exchange for an ATV ride through the park.  An Arctic Cat Prowler side-by-side ATV was donated by Jericho Motorsports for the tour and Len and his helper were treated to lunch after the ride.

A donation from Will Fessenden, Director of Content and Media Strategy was given to the WMRR club in the name of Provider Power to pay for the plaques.  In exchange, Provider Power received a Sponsor Ad at the Warming Hut which was printed at no charge by Smith and Town Printers.  Smith and Town also supplied some logos for the Club Co-Founders plaque.

This donation was facilitated through the efforts of Lucy Remillard who works for ENH Power.  She had visited the Warming Hut and asked about supporting it financially since they are an alternative energy company.

So as you can see, we had a lot of generous donors including "Boards Under My Feet".  They had to redo the job because a laser failed part way through the engraving process.  In spite of this failure, the maintained their price and completed the job on budget.

Unfortunately, the pictures do not do the plaque justice.  It seems that the laser engraving disperses the light from the camera flash and causes the plaque to look blurry.  Hopefully we can get someone with a professional camera to take a proper pictures in the future.

But the best thing to do is go up to the Warming Hut and see the plaque for yourself!

This is a close-up picture of the Club Co-Founders section of the plaque with logos printed by Smith and Town.
You can see the blue LED lighting that is installed in the moldings around the outer edge lighting up the entire plaque.


This is a picture of the full size plaque with the lighting turned on.  Unfortunately my camera was not up to the task.


This is a picture with the plaque lighting turned off.  It looks fuzzy because of the way the light is shining off the laser engraving.
We need a professional photographer and a better camera to do it justice.  Note the hand painted WMRR logo at the top.


Provider Power gave a donation to the club to cover the cost of the Founders Plaque.  Their sponsor ad is now installed above the wood box.


A close-up of the Provider Power sponsor ad.


These are the talented builders of the Warming Hut Plaque.  On the left is owner Len Carver and on the right is his helper Gordon.

Our sincere thanks go out to "Boards Under My Feet', Provider Power and Smith and Town Printers for their generous donations to this project. 

We also want to thank all of the other donors who made the building of the Warming Hut possible.  At this point, the Warming Hut project is now complete.



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