Warming Hut Dog House Gets a Facelift

September 29, 2013

Pictures by Roger and Larry Richard
Story By Larry Gomes

We must be doing something right.  For a second weekend in a row, Roger Richard and his brother Larry left central MA at 5:00am to spend a day up at the Warming Hut working on projects.

This weekend their focus was on the "dog house" which is used to house the generator that provides 110-volt power to the Warming Hut for special occasions and for maintenance work.

Roger has been planning this project for a while, collecting materials and doing prep work  down in Massachusetts.  With the leaves in full color and a perfect fall day on tap, it was time to hit the road and spend a day working on the side of Black Crescent mountain with a million dollar view.

The hardest part of the project was getting up the road to the Warming Hut.  ATV traffic over the past few months has worn down several sections of the trail and Roger's heavily loaded SUV was scraping the ground on the way up.  But after a slow and careful climb, they made it to the top and found some spectacular views.

We will let the pictures do the talking for the rest of this article.


Roger's SUV was fully loaded with tools and all of the siding needed for the outside of the dog house.
With all this weight and a rough trail, they bottomed out a few times on the way up.


Ahh....  The reward after driving for over 4 hours. Some morning fog still burning off the valley floors.


This job is trickier than it looks.  Roger had to plan this out so the edges of the siding would end where the roof opens up.


Larry is screwing the siding in place with predrilled holes to keep it from splitting.


Roger double checks his measurements to get the peak angle correct for the top of the dog house.


Who knew a little dog house like this could be so much work?  Getting these top boards in place was not easy.


Larry gives the corners and siding a sanding before the stain is applied.


Larry gets a coat of stain on the siding while Roger is where?  ...Relaxing on the porch of the Warming Hut? 


Actually Roger was out collecting rocks.  The water pouring off the roof of the dog house was eroding the dirt around the foundation.
Very clever solution Roger.  The pipe sticking out from the foundation wall is for the generator exhaust and the wire in
the foreground is the ground wire for the generator.  Power from the generator is fed underground in a PVC pipe to the Warming Hut.

Looking northeast with the Mahoosuc Range in the distance.


Looking east with Jericho Mountain in the foreground and the Mahoosuc Range in the background.

Looking north with Dixville Peak in the background and the wind towers scattered along the ridgelines of the Phillips Brook Valley.


Looking west towards the Kilkenny Range.


Our sincere thanks go out to Roger and his brother Larry for the great work on getting the dog house spruced up.  Discussions are under way about what to do for a roof covering, but that should be another excuse for the boys to head north one of these weekends before the snow flies.


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