WMRR Volunteer and Landowner Appreciation Day is Well Attended
 May 19, 2013
Pictures by Andy and Larry Gomes

It was a beautiful spring day with temperatures in the mid-60's, partly cloudy skies and light breezes for the WMRR 5th annual volunteer and landowner appreciation day.  People drove from southern New Hampshire and central Massachusetts to attend the event. 

Promptly at 10:00am, several pickup trucks pulled up loaded with tables, chairs, a BBQ grill, a refrigerator, and multiple coolers filled with food, drinks and ice.  This fleet of trucks was organized by our club treasurer and master chef George Falardeau and our club president Bryan MacDonald.   Groomer operators Tom Belanger, Shaun Roy and Scott Riendeau pitched in to help George and Bryan load up and bring in the supplies.  Within 30 minutes after the first truck had pulled in, everything was set up and ready for the party. 

At 11:00am the guests started to arrive.  Chef George set out tasty hors d'oeuvres including shrimp cocktail, buffalo chicken dip, crackers and cheese, and vegetable dips.  Kate Gomes prepared a 7-layer taco dip made with fresh avacados that was awesome.   While people snacked on the appetizers, groups of guests headed out 10 at a time for a boat ride on a pontoon boat around the two lakes in front of the Lodge.   The boat was captained and the fuel donated by local resident Brad Tatro who comes every year just to help out with the party and enjoy the comradary.

After the bulk of the crowd had arrived, club president Bryan MacDonald asked everyone to get a glass and prepare for a toast.  He thanked all of the landowners for allowing trails across their land and then thanked the volunteers for everything they had done throughout the year.  He gave a special "thank you" to Kate Gomes for heading up the fundraising for the Easter Seals Ride-In that raised over $4,700 this year.  He thanked the groomer operators for their work and gave a $100 prize for the most hours groomed last winter to Chad Losier.  He also thanked Brad, our boat captain and presented him with a nice bottle of his favorite beverage.  Finally Bryan offered an appreciation toast to all landowners and volunteers.

After the toast, Chef George decided it was time for the main course so he started deep frying home made french fries and chicken drumsticks.  Assistant Chef Shaun Roy cooked up burgers and dogs and buns on the grill.  A few other assistant chefs also stepped up to help with the cooking.  George brought out some pasta salad and other side dishes to go along with the meal.  For desert there were home made cookies from Stacy and others along with strawberry shortcake.

People gathered on chairs under the trees and out by the lake marveling at the beautiful weather and enjoying the food and the views.  Boat rides continued all afternoon with every cruise packed. As the day started to wind down, many people left, but a half-dozen or so hard-core partiers stayed on until 9:00pm spending time around a fire-table on the patio. 

The next morning, George and Bryan showed up bright and early and started the cleanup with help from Andy, Roger and Larry.  By 11:00am Sunday morning, everything had been returned to the clubhouse, the patios had been washed down, the yard was cleaned up and you could not tell there had been a party at the Lodge. 

If you would like to be invited to this event next year, all you need to do is volunteer at one of the club work days or one of the club events.  We keep track of all of our volunteers and make sure they get an invitation and a "thank you" for their hard work. 

Kristy Godbout and daughter Layla arrive for the party.



Chad Losier enjoys a beverage.

Valerie Belanger takes a break from watching her two kids.


Playing with the dog.


Groomer operator Shaun Roy mans the grill.  To his left, Pete McGillen talks with club Vice President Mike Godbout.



Kate tests some of the homemade French fries cooked up by club treasurer (and Master Chef) George Falardeau while
Dalton Binette looks on.


Richard MacDonald found a comfortable chair close to the food table.  He is recovering from hip surgery and
hopes to be back on his sled this winter.


Kristy Godbout and Tom Belanger listen in on a conversation between club president Bryan MacDonald
and warming hut builder Roger Richard.


Lucia and Ray Cote enjoying a boat ride.


Captain Brad Tatro took several groups for cruises around the two lakes.

Kate and Heather team up to give Roger a hug.


Brad's pontoon boat pulls into the dock after another voyage.


Layla Godbout models Aunt Stacy's glasses.


Another boat cruise prepares for departure.


Nate Falardeau picks up some empty's from that last run.

Larry and Kate Gomes enjoy a cruise while Nate Falardeau holds his new puppy.


Heading through the channel between the two lakes North and South Pond.


Rafting up with another boat brought by one of Nate's friends.


Madonna and Stacy at the end of one of the boat tours.


During last cruise of the day, we were treated to an awesome sunset.

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