Snow Trucked in for First Vintage Race of the Season

Colebrook News and Sentinel
January 5, 2012

The first race in the 5th annual Great North Woods Vintage Snowmobile Race Series sponsored by LaPerle's IGA Plus will take place this Saturday, January 7 in Pittsburg as scheduled. This will be the first event of the five-race series; the remaining four races are slated for February 4 in Colebrook, February 18 in Errol, March 3 in Stratford, and March 17 back in Pittsburg.

"The Pittsburg Ridge Runners race crew has been working feverishly throughout the past several days preparing the track in this snow-challenging year," series spokesman Harry Brown stated in a press release issued Tuesday. "With two to four inches of natural packed snow, the race crew has trucked in more than 345 tons of snow, which have given the race track between four and 12 inches of a hard-packed base."

This was accomplished with donations of equipment from local contractors and citizens Al Romanow, Chet Hooper and Warick Management. Some natural snow is on the way and additional snow will be trucked in as needed throughout the week, Mr. Brown said.

Over 125 racers are expected for Saturday's event, drawn to vintage snowmobile racing's lower speeds and stock sleds--with the exception to one mod class--which cut the costs significantly for participants. There are multiple classes based upon the engine size for sleds manufactured prior to 1974 that are fan-cooled or free air, single or twin cylinder.

All the racetracks have excellent spectator access and utilize natural terrain. There are qualifying heats, as necessary, and the races start at 10 a.m. and continue throughout the day.

Refreshments are also available at all the sites. The race site is reached from Route 3 North to Back Lake Road and turning onto Farr Road. The entrance fee is $5 per person. Further information is available from Keith Landry, at 603-538-7702, or on-line at .

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