New Bridge Beams Installed on Rocky Pond Bridge

October 19, 2013

While one group of volunteers were cutting brush on the Cates Hill Trail, the Godbout brothers were busy adding some steel beams on a bridge over Rocky Pond Brook.  The bridge was originally built in 2003 with only 2 steel beams and the club was concerned about the overhang of the bridge decking, so they decided to install two more beams to provide additional stability to the bridge deck.

Matt Godbout of MG Construction and his brother Mike brought Matt's smaller excavator out to the site where two steel beams had been dropped off a couple of weeks ago.  The club welder was brought out to the site on Friday just in case any last minute adjustments needed to be made to the beams.

When they arrived and took final measurements on the beams, they found out they were 3" too long and had to be cut back.  Luckily the club welder was there with a cutting torch so the job could be done on site.

Once they were cut, the beams were swung into place using the bucket of the excavator and a strap.

Next Friday, our club welder Shaun Roy will install cross bracing to hold the beams in place and the bridge will be decked next Saturday.

Our thanks go out to Matt, Mike and Shaun for getting this critical job done.  It takes a lot of talent and equipment to keep our trail system running and we are lucky to have these dedicated club members who are willing to use their skills and equipment to get jobs like this done.

Here are some pictures taken by Mike Godbout:

The two new steel beams and club welder were delivered to the site ready for installation.  The bridge
decking was brought out by a boom truck two weeks ago and will be installed next Saturday.


A picture of the existing beams which were sturdy enough to support the groomer, but the bridge deck
stuck out over 3' on each side which could cause the bridge to tip if the groomer was not centered on the bridge.


With the new beams installed, there will only be 18" of overhang on each side providing a very stable deck.
Cross bracing will be added next Friday to insure the beams do not tip sideways while under load.


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