Fifth and Final Phase of Trestle Bridge Project Done

April 30, 2016

Pictures and Story by Larry Gomes

With the finish line in sight, five volunteers from the White Mt. Ridge Runners showed up on a crystal clear Saturday to finish off the Trestle Bridge project.  The first part of the day was spent at the WMRR clubhouse where two volunteers started staining the remaining railing boards and bench supports.  The remaining volunteers focused on building the rest of the bench supports using a jig put  together by Dave Lemeire and Dalton Binette.

Finally by lunch time, the prep work was done and the crew loaded up tools and the stained wood and headed to the bridge site.

The first task was to finish off the railings followed by installing the last few runners.  Then it was on to the fun stuff - installing the benches.  By mid-afternoon the work was done and everyone took some time to sit in the new benches and enjoy the view while listening to the sound of the river passing below.

It was great to the final design that was sketched out over two years ago finally come to life. 

Here are some pictures from our last work day:

Loaded with wood prepared at the WMRR clubhouse, Larry backs his trailer down to the bridge where Leo Couture and
Dalton Binette get ready to move the material onto the bridge.


Bob McCourt removes some screws from the top cross-rails so they can be moved out of the way while the bottom cross-rails
are screwed down to the deck.  Once the bottom cross-rails were screwed down, the top cross-rails were put back into place.

Leo and Dalton work together to finish off the top railings.  During the last work day, the crew ran short of railing materials.


Dave Lemeire uses the skill saw to cut some braces to hold the tops of the benches in place.

With the bottom of the bench supports screwed down to the deck and the backs fastened to the middle railing,
Leo gets ready to start installing the 5/4 boards that will make up the bench seat and back.

Dalton and Leo use some clamps to put the boards in place so they can figure out the spacing. 
Because we did not have exact measurements, the instructions were:  "Make it look nice" and they
kept making adjustments until it looked good and then they screwed the boards in place.

With the boards in place, Leo and Dalton take a break using the excuse that they had to "try out" the bench.
The bench design came from the Internet and is actually very comfortable to sit on.

With one bench done, Dave gets started on the second bench.

Finally the last bench is done and Leo ,  Larry and Dave get a chance to relax before packing up. 

Leo, Dalton and Dave on the bench.  Where is Bob McCourt?  He left before we could snap a picture with him so that space
on the left is where Bob should have been.

With everything cleaned up, its time to take some final pictures of the finished bridge.

There are three of these alcoves, each offering a different view of the river.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped on this project.  We plan on this bridge lasting many years and serving hundreds of snowmobiles in the winter
and many of pedestrians and bicyclists during the remainder of the year.  Great job everyone!  Certainly one of the fanciest bridges we have worked on!


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