Milan Trail Huggers Trail Projects Completed

November 10, 2015

Story and Pictures by Larry Gomes

The Milan Trail Huggers completed their first major trail projects this year along the Cedar Brook Road trail.  Earlier this year, the Millsfield club gave this trail to our club making it the first woods trail that we became responsible for.  (All the rest of our trails are along roads in Stark and Milan).

The club then applied for grading funds to put the crown back on the gravel section of the trail and applied for construction funds to rework the hill going down to Dummer Pond Road.

In mid-September Andy Thibodeau and Pierre Lavigne built some water diverters for the project.  These were delivered to the large hill near Dummer Pond Road using an ATV where they were installed by Matt Godbout.

In late September and early October Larry spent three weekends grading the gravel road portions of the trail.  Larry donated his John Deere tractor plus the fuel and Ray's Electric donated a trailer to move the tractor.  This meant that all of the grant funds for the grading project were donated to the club.   

Except for a few large potholes, the road came out perfect. There just was not quite enough gravel along the sides of the road to completely fill these large potholes   Next year the club will apply for a grant to purchase some gravel to fill in what remains of these potholes. 

Matt Godbout of MG Construction reworked the trail on the hill leading down to Dummer Pond Road.  This required him to dig up the trail to remove the large rocks and then he used his excavator to shape the crown of the trail.  Finally he used his bulldozer to pack the dirt down and smooth it out.  Matt did an excellent job and provided the club with a substantial donation to assist with the club match on this grant.

Our thanks go out to all of those who participated in this project.  Next year we are going to need help in trimming back the brush along this trail.  This is a several day project so there will be plenty of opportunities for you to come out and give us a hand.

Here are some pictures of this trail project taken during the last two months:

Pierre Lavigne and Andy Thibodeau building the water diverters.

Tractor and grader blade donated by Larry Gomes on trailer donated by Ray's Electric being delivered to Cedar Brook Road.

Grading in process.  The blade is angled to bring the dirt in from the edges of the trail to the center. 
The larger rocks are moved by hand and then the dirt in the center of the trail is smoothed out with the bucket.

Matt Godbout of MG Excavation breaks up the dirt on the trail so the large rocks can be removed.


Matt's bulldozer puts the finishing crown on the trail and packs it down.


This is the finished trail after the work is complete.

Diverters loaded onto Larry's ATV for the trip up the hill.

This picture shows the hill coming down to Dummer Pond Road with the diverters installed.  In heavy rains,
the diverters will guide runoff into the side ditches to keep the center of the trail from being washed out.

Our thanks go out to everyone who participated in these projects.  We will be starting trail work projects next spring as soon as the snow melts.  See you then!

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