Milan Trail Huggers Get Trail Projects Started

September 12, 2015

Story and Pictures by Larry Gomes

With all of the WMRR trail projects held up by bureaucratic red tape, its nice to see our sister ATV club in Milan able to get started on their projects.  A group of three volunteers worked on Saturday to start on two projects related to the ATV and snowmobile trail that runs along Cedar Brook Road.

Andy Thibodeau and Pierre Lavigne showed up a Gord's Corner Store at 9:00am to build 8 water diverters that will be installed on the steep hill going down to Dummer Pond Road.  This section of trail has ATV ruts running up the center and when it rains, it brings dirt down the hill and has filled up the drainage ditches along Dummer Pond Road.  The diverters will reduce the amount of runoff coming down the trail and hopefully prevent the ditches from being filled with sand.

Before the project was finished, Peter Steady and Pete Leroy showed up to help finish the diverters.

Larry Gomes borrowed a trailer from Ray's Electric to move his tractor over to Cedar Brook Road to start crowning the road and filling some of the potholes.  By the end of Saturday, he had completed work on about a mile of the three-mile long trail.

Here are some pictures from Saturday:

Pierre Lavigne marks off the locations for the bolts while Andy Thibodeau drills holes.  The guys created a "sandwich" that consisted of
two 2" x 6" boards with a rubber belt in between to create a water diverter that will route water to side ditches on a section of steep trail.

After a couple of hours, the diverters were completed with help from Peter Steady and Pete Leroy.  They will be installed
at the end of the September when excavator work starts on the trail.

Larry's tractor sits on top of a trailer donated by Ray's Electric at the end of Cedar Brook Road.  Even though the day started out
foggy, the weather eventually cleared giving a perfect day for grading.

A section of Cedar Brook Road is partially graded.  The goal is to bring in material from the edges of the road into the center.
After several passes, the outside edges are a few inches lower than the center.  The final job is to grade the material
in the center to form a nice crown so that rain water runs off to either side of the road.  Its a time consuming process
since large rocks, sticks, clumps of grass, etc. must be manually removed from the center row of material
before the final grading can be done.

Our thanks go out to the five volunteers who participated in these projects. We will be looking for more help later on in the fall to cut back some of the brush that is grown in along this road.

Stay tuned to the Milan Trail Huggers Facebook page for further info.

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