Small Crew Equals Big Results

May 30, 2015

Pictures by Eric Johnson

Only 4 volunteers answered the call for help in cutting the northern leg of the Yamaha Connector trail, but this crew came prepared to get the job done.

Erik and Anne Anderson came from Berlin and John Higgins and Eric Johnson traveled from central New Hampshire. They came in from Head Pond Road and faced a wall of trees, but by the end of the day, there was a trail cut. There is still a lot of branches on the ground that must be thrown into the woods, but Erik Anderson is hoping to get together with a few other Berlin residents to get that job done this week.

Here are some pictures taken by Eric Johnson:

On the way to Berlin, Eric stopped by Gord's Store for supplies and snapped this picture of the bridge
that was built a few weeks ago. The bridge is all dressed up with flags and orange barriers ready for traffic,
but everyone is still waiting for the State of NH to approve the opening of Rt. 110A.

When the crew arrived, the only clue that this was supposed to be a trail was some orange flags hanging in the branches.


Anne Anderson gets ready to start throwing brush that has been cut down by the boys.

By noon time, it was starting to look more like a trail.


By the end of the day, they had made some great progress, but there is still a ton of brush to be thrown into the woods.

Our thanks go out to the four volunteers who participated in this project. Obviously more work needs to be done. If you can help, please contact Erik Anderson at 603-723-9840.

This is going to be an ATV and snowmobile trail so there should be a good sized pool of riders out there that will benefit from this trail. Lets give Erik some support!.

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