Nine Volunteers Finish Multiple Projects

November 15, 2014

Pictures by Eric Johnson and Larry Gomes
Story Larry Gomes

Our nineteenth trail work day of the season was clear and cold with just a light dusting of snow whitening the landscape.  A total of 9 volunteers showed up to work on multiple projects and split up into two teams. 

Errol Decker and Ron Laroche teamed up to install railings on the historic truss bridge behind the Notre Dame Arena.  This job entailed drilling holes through the 125 year old steel trusses so that the wooden railings could be mounted using carriage bolts.  Larry had stained the railings the week before so they were dry and ready for mounting on Saturday.  During the day, the club generator started leaking gas, so at the end of the day, Errol (who is an expert mechanic that runs Deckers Garage in Berlin), took it back to his shop, where he found and fixed the leak.

The other team of volunteers consisted of Eric Johnson, Dave Lemeire, Leo Roy, Hunter Dagesse, Larry Gomes, Paul Borbeau and his son Robert.  This team had 3 goals: 1) deliver 3/4 of a cord of wood to the landowner where a new trail had been built last year, 2) extract, cut up firewood and deliver firewood for the warming hut and 3) bring any extra firewood back for the WMRR clubhouse.

Last fall, a new trail had been cut for the Cates Hill Trail and the crew had taken their time and cut any trees thicker than 2" into 4 foot lengths and then stacked them with the intention of coming back for them in the future.  With the warming hut needed firewood, the club asked the landowner for permission to get this wood.  The landowner said he needed 3/4 of a cord for his wood stove and the club could have the rest. 

The group gathered at the home of the Dagesse family who graciously agreed to allow their yard to be used as a staging area.  Since their house is right on the edge of the Cates Hill Trail, this was very convenient.  The crew brought both of the WMRR club trailers and Leo Roy brought his log splitter.

Everyone headed into the woods and after finding the piles of wood left last year, they started loading up the trailers and heading back to the Dagesse property.  Once there the wood was split into two piles with the smaller diameter wood being cut into 1' long pieces and thrown onto a tarp on Larry's trailer.  The larger diameter wood was pile on Bryan MacDonald's trailer to be delivered to the landowner.  By noontime both trailers were full and the crew decided to deliver the load on Bryan's trailer to the landowner. 

They then returned to the staging area and proceeded  to reload Bryan's trailer with more wood that would be used to heat the WMRR clubhouse.  By 2:00pm, both trailers were headed down the road.  The first stop was the WMRR clubhouse where Bryan's trailer was unloaded.  The crew then piled into Larry's truck for the trip up to the Warming Hut.  This turned out to be a bit of an adventure since the road going up to the Warming Hut was snow covered and slippery in spots.  After making it to the top, a group of ATV riders from Massachusetts helped out with the unloading.

Here are some pictures from Saturday:

Errol Decker and Ron Laroche plan their next step for the installation of railings on the truss bridge behind the Notre Dame Arena.


Bridge railings are completed.  The bottom rail is a 2" x 10" to help keep snow on the bridge.  Nice job guys!


As the wood came in on the ATV trailers, it was sorted into two piles.  The smaller diameter wood was cut into short lengths and thrown
onto Larry's trailer which was covered with a tarp (right).  Dave Lemeire (left) gets ready to unload some wood from the ATV trailer,
while Paul Borbeau cuts wood for the warming hut.  On the right, Hunter Dagesse and Paul's son seven year old son Robert pick up
cut pieces of wood and throw them onto the trailer.


Robert Borbeau worked right along with the crew throwing cut logs onto the trailer.  When he got a break, he was making snow angels.


With Bryan's trailer loaded, it was time to deliver the wood to a local landowner.

Arriving at the landowners property which has a great southern view.

With the wood unloaded at the landowners, it was time to head back and reload.

Back into the woods we go with the snow providing a nice white blanket on the peaks in the distance.


Eric arrives back at the staging area with a full load.


Dave and RIchard transfer the wood from the ATV trailer to the utility trailer to go back to the WMRR clubhouse.


With a full load of cut wood on Larry's trailer, it was time to deliver it up to the warming hut.


With several people helping it did not take long to transfer all of the wood from the trailer into the warming hut.
Earlier in the week, Leo Roy and his wife Gay had brought up some wood in their side-by-side.


One of the other projects that got done was installing this gate in front of the bridge that was built last week behind the Milan Luncheonette.


These two crews of volunteers did an fantastic job on these projects and we owe them a lot of thanks.   Stay tuned to the WMRR website for future trail work dates.

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