Local Berlin Resident Uses Ingenuity to Solve Problems

November 12, 2014

Pictures by Dave Lemeire
Story Larry Gomes

A few weeks ago 15 loads of dirt and rocks were dumped on both sides of the historic truss bridge installed behind the Notre Dame Arena.  The fill came through the generosity of the Berlin Water Works who had dug it up during the installation of new water lines in town.

A large front end loader donated by Ray's Electric spread out the dirt and rocks, but the result was too rough to be used as a groomed trail.  So the next step (we thought) was to bring in a tractor with a York rake to flatten the surface out.

Enter Dave Lemeire and his ATV and snow plow.  Dave had an idea that his small rig was up to the task and it turned out he was right.  Without saying a word to anyone, Dave brought his ATV and plow over to the bridge and started working on the approaches.  He was able to push the small rocks out of the way and then back-blade the remaining dirt into a smooth surface.   It took several hours but the result was perfect.

Here are some pictures of Dave's work:

This is a picture of the west bridge approach trail after the dirt had been spread by the front end loader.  It would require
a fair amount of snow to cover up the rocks and ruts left by this large piece of equipment.


This is a picture of the west bridge approach after Dave finished his work with his ATV and plow.


The results for the east approach were the same.  A nice smooth ramp leading up to the bridge that can be groomed with a minimum of snow cover.


Dave also decided that he should clean up the parking area where the truckloads of dirt had been dumped.  This section is used by
busses that carry visiting teams to the Arena for hockey games.  With it smoothed out, it can be easily plowed this winter.


Last winter, there were several complaints about the single-wide section of PT108 that runs along the sidewalks in downtown Berlin.
City plows had piled the snow so high that the sidewalks were un-rideable.  Dave decided to do something about the problem and started
building this drag earlier in the season so that he could groom the sidewalks.   Currently he is installing electric actuators for the wheels
and the hitch and plans to have the drag done in time for the opening of the season.  Once the club heard about his project, they applied for some grooming
hours to pay for Dave's fuel.  Everyone is hoping this idea works because there is no way groom the sidewalks with our big grooming equipment.


Out thanks go out to Dave for his ingenuity in figuring out solutions to these problems.  We have many other volunteers solving other problems and without all of these people offering their ideas and expertise, we simply would not have a trail system.  

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