Crew of Four Wraps up Loose Ends

November 8, 2014

Pictures by Eric Johnson and Larry Gomes
Story Larry Gomes

Our eighteenth trail work day turned out to be clear but cold.  We had four volunteers that split up into two groups to work on multiple projects.

Group 1 consisted of Eric Johnson and Dave Lemeire who worked together to clean up the remaining bridge debris on PT109.  Since some of the old bridge lumber was waterlogged and very heavy, Larry dropped off his tractor to do the loading onto the trailer.   This worked out great and by early afternoon, the guys had made three trips to the recycle center.

Group 2 consisted of Leo Couture and Larry Gomes.   Their first job was to build an 8' bridge across a drainage ditch behind the Milan Luncheonette.  Once that was done, they repaired a fence along Corridor 19 that had been knocked down by some illegal ATV riders.  Their last stop in Milan was putting up Gate Ahead and Bridge Ahead signs along the newly reconstructed section of Corridor 19 along the power line.

Both groups met back at the clubhouse at 2:00pm and then headed up into Jericho Mt. State Park to install a bridge that had been relocated from Corridor 19 earlier in the season.  Before it was moved, the bridge was cut in half to make it easier to pick up.  The crew used Larry's tractor to drag the bridge into the stream site and chained the bridge to the bucket and positioned it over the stream.  The final step was to tie the two halves back together.

Here are some pictures from Saturday:

Eric and Dave used Larry's tractor to load these old cut-up sections of telephone poles that were used as bridge beams.
This bridge had been removed 11 years ago and these beams had sat in the woods all that time collecting moisture so they
extremely heavy.  The tractor made the loading job a breeze.


Leo and Larry installed stakes and put up Junction Ahead, Bridge Ahead and Gate Ahead signs along the power line.
Normally the club puts all their signage on 4" x 4" posts, but due to a shortage of time and the ground freezing up,
we had to use grade stakes this year.


This culvert came from behind the Milan Luncheonette.  We tried to install it, but the ground was so soupy that it kept
floating up to the surface.  We ended up building an 8' bridge over the drainage ditch (Sorry no pictures of that bridge).


Eric, Dave and Leo stand by before continuing down the trail dragging two halves of a bridge that was removed
from Corridor 19 in Dummer and replaced with a culvert. 


With the bridge strapped to the front bucket of his tractor, Larry moves the bridge to its new home on PT118.


When the bridge was removed, two holes were cut to allow for chains to be put in to lift the bridge onto a trailer.  These same
holes allow the bridge to be hooked securely onto the bucket of the tractor so the bridge can be gently placed into position.


With the bridge in place, the last step is to tie the two halves together using timber lags.  Now we just need to install
some runners down the center and this bridge is done.


With the bridge project done, its time to load up the tractor and head home.


Our thanks go out to the volunteers for getting several projects done.  We are nearing the end of our work for this season, so stay tuned to the website if you want to get in on our last few days of trail work.

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