Work Completed on Two PT108 Bridges

October 26, 2014

Pictures by John Higgins
Story Larry Gomes

Our sixteenth trail work day started out dry but ended up wet as our volunteers worked on two different bridge projects.  A crew of five volunteers show up including Eric Johnson, John Higgins, Dave Lemeire, Larry Gomes and Errol Decker. 

The group started at the clubhouse by loading up lumber needed for the two bridges which were both located in downtown Berlin.  The first project was installing a new deck on the historic truss bridge behind the Notre Dame Arena.  The second project was repairing holes in the trestle bridge.  The club tried to get funding to replace the deck on this bridge but the project was not funded.  So the goal for today was to install some temporary boards to make the bridge usable for this season.  As the crew was finishing up these repairs, it started raining, but they were able to finish the job before getting too wet.

Here are some pictures from Sunday:

Trailer is loaded with decking ready to go the bridge site.


Dave Lemeire had already installed the stringers last weekend so the crew was able to start right in on the decking.


Larry inspects the dirt ramp built up to the bridge by Steve Binette, owner of Valley Creek Eatery.  Steve and his son
Dalton provided equipment, volunteer time and money to help make this bridge project a reality.


Eric and Dave mark boards in preparation for cutting.  The boards had to be cut down so they would fit inside of the steel trusses.


Larry cuts, Eric marks, and Dave carries the cut boards over to the bridge where Errol and John installed them.


It did not take long to get the deck done.   Here Errol gets ready to carry some cut deck boards down to the far end of the bridge.


John hiked up a nearby hill to get this shot of the last deck board being installed.


The final step was the installation of railings.  But there was only enough wood left over to build the top railing.


The deck is nailed down and the railings have been removed so they can be stained back at the clubhouse.


Dave points to some of the holes in the bridge.


The crew repaired what they could but then ran out of lumber.


Errol went back to the clubhouse with his truck to pick up more lumber.


With the additional lumber, the crew is able to finish patching up the bridge.


John got this nice shot of the Dead River from on top of the old RR trestle.


Our thanks go out to all of these dedicated volunteers for getting these bridge projects done.  Please check our website for future trail work dates and consider donating a day of your time to help us out with future projects.

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