New Bridge and Gates Installed on Corridor 19

October 25, 2014

Pictures by John Higgins
Story Larry Gomes

Our fifteenth trail work day turned out to be a perfect day and we had a crew of five volunteers show up including Eric Johnson, John Higgins, Dave Lemeire, Larry Gomes and Matt Godbout.  After a stop at the lumber yard to pick up supplies, the first project was installing a gate on State Garage Road in Milan.  Matt already had his equipment in place so it did not take long for him to bury the gate posts and the crew quickly installed the gate to insure that no wheeled vehicles could access the newly reconstructed Corridor 19 trail along the power line.

The crew then relocated to Pontook Estates Road in Dummer where they installed another gate and then used ATV's to transport materials for a 16' foot bridge into another section of Corridor 19 along the power line.  Because the access trail was very wet, the crew hooked 2 ATV's together to haul in the materials.  It took 3 loads before all the lumber was in place and the crew could start building the bridge.

The next stop was Rt. 110B in Milan where two more gates were installed.  One of the gates was close to the pipeline so the posts for that gate had to be hand dug.  The last stop of the day was installing a gate at the northern end of the Boom House Road trail.

It wasn't the most work that we have done in a day, but moving the materials and equipment really took time and it took most of Saturday to get these jobs done.  Our thanks go out to the volunteers who worked on these critical projects!  Here are some pictures from Saturday:

The crew loads up Larry's trailer with two ATV's an ATV trailer and the club generator.


Eric used his truck to haul a trailer donated by Bryan MacDonald.  The crew stopped at the lumber yard on the way
to pick up the bridge materials and gates.  This picture was taken at the first gate location on State Garage Road.

Dave hooked up his ATV to Larry's ATV to pull the heavy trailer load of bridge materials up the Pontook Estates access trail onto
the power line.  From the access trail, it was about a 1/2 mile ride up to the bridge site.


Larry and Dave check to make sure the straps are tight on the second load after they delivered a gate be installed at
the head of the access trail.


After three loads, the bridge materials for the 16' long bridge were finally delivered.


The crew gets to work setting the bridge beams.  The deck boards on either end were used to level the beams.


Using a string along one side, the crew lines up deck boards across the bridge.


With the deck boards lined up, Eric and Dave use a chalk line to snap lines for nailing down the decking.


John climbed the hill above the bridge to get this great shot of the new bridge and the trail running down the west side
of the power line. The trail in the distance was rebuilt last fall and already has foot high grass growing on it.


This picture shows a view of the new bridge and trail running straight up the hill.  Prior to this reconstruction, the trail
used to veer off to the right side of the power line and then cut back across to the left creating a dangerous
side-hill challenge for riders.  To make matters worse, the old trail used to get very icy so there were many accidents
going up and down this hill.  With the new trail, there is now proper ditching and the trail goes straight up the hill
which will make this an easy climb for riders.


The final task for this bridge was installing runners.  Here Larry uses a Paslode nail gun to attach the runners while Eric
hammers down misfired nails.


 With the bridge done, its time to pack up and head to the next work location.


 Eric test the new gate to make sure it is level after Matt dug in the posts with his excavator.  This gate will keep
wheeled vehicle traffic from entering the power line from Pontook Estates.  The gate will be opened in
the winter to provide access for snowmobiles.


Matt picks up a rock that will be used to keep traffic from going around the gate.


Due to the proximity of this gate to the pipe line, these posts had to be dug in by hand.  Matt and Dave line up the gate while Larry looks on.



This was the last gate install of the day at the top of Boom House Road.  These posts were put in last week but the crew
got rained out so they put off the gate install until this week.


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