Major Cleanup Finished on PT109

September 27, 2014

Pictures by Dave Lemeire and Larry Gomes
Story by Larry Gomes

Our twelfth trail work day was more like a summer day than a fall day but instead of going to the beach, we had four ready-and-willing volunteers show up to do trail work.  The crew consisted of some regulars including Dave Lemeire, Eric Johnson and Larry Gomes and new recruit Steve Brown.  The goals for the day were to install railings on the 47' bridge we had completed last week and to finish cleaning out the old bridge materials along the trail.

Dave Lemeire had a few days off from work last week and surprised everyone by spending 15-20 hours hauling out old bridge lumber by himself.  His efforts saved our crew one or two Saturday's of work so THANK YOU Dave!

But there was still plenty of old bridge materials that still needed to come out of the woods.  Most of the remaining debris consisted of huge, waterlogged telephone poles that had served as the bridge beams for an  old bridge that had been removed by the club in 2003 and then left beside the trail.  Part of this year's project was to remove those old materials along with all of the old decking that we were replacing this year.

The crew split into two groups with Dave and Eric hauling out debris and Larry and Steve working on the railings.  When the trailers needed to get loaded, Steve would lend a hand to load the heavy telephone poles onto the trailers. 

By the end of the day, Eric and Dave had made three long slow trips out of the woods with heavily loaded trailers.  Meanwhile Larry and Steve had completed work on the railings so it turned out to be a very successful day. Here are some pictures from Saturday:


Dave Lemeire stands next the huge pile of old lumber that he hauled out himself over three days last week.


These telephone poles were used as bridge beams for an old bridge that was removed in 2003.  They have been sitting next to
the trail in the ditch (on the right) since then.  Dave used his ATV to pull them out of the ditch so they could be cut up and hauled out.

Eric Johnson stands by the first load of cut-up telephone poles ready to head out of the woods.  Eric trashed two chain saw
blades in cutting up these old poles.  The creosote in the wood was very hard on the blades.

Some fall colors are just starting to show along the trail while Larry and Steve work on installing railings on the new bridge.


By the mid-afternoon, everyone was burned out from lifting these heavy pole sections onto the trailers. 
Here Steve and Dave take a break before lifting the last of the logs onto the trailer.

With the trailers loaded, everyone pitches in to finish up the last railing.

With the railings done, the new 47' bridge deck is complete.  The tire marks on the bridge happened when trying to pull out
out the last of the old telephone poles from the ditch.  Dave's ATV got stuck and it took Steve and Eric's ATV's chained together
with Dave's ATV (12 wheel drive) to pull the last pole out of the ditch.


The last project of the day involved relocating a bridge from Corridor 19 in Dummer to PT118 in Jericho Park.
This bridge was to close to the road and DOT requested that it be replaced with a culvert.  So the crew removed
some of the runners, cut the bridge in half and loaded it onto the trailer with an excavator.  When they got it
into the Park, they tied a long strap to a tree and pull the sections off the trailer.   The bridge sections will be reunited
 over an active water bar on PT118 (using a tractor to drag them into place) sometime in the next few weeks.

Our thanks go out to the four volunteers for their hard work in getting this bridge completed and getting the old lumber out of the woods.  We still have one more 35' long bridge to re-deck on this trail so stay tuned for future work dates which will be posted on the WMRR website.


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