Rain Holds Off for First Trail Work Day

April 26, 2014

Pictures and Story by Larry Gomes

In spite of a dire forecast, the rain held off for the morning hours which was just long enough for our crew of three volunteers to cut brush and begin dismantling the single-wide bridge behind the Notre Dame arena.

The main goal of the day was to cut back the brush on either side of the bridge and check the terrain to see if there was any potential problems that could impact the installation of a new 12' wide bridge at this location.  Carl and Larry took on this task and cleared a 15' wide path on either side of the existing bridge with Larry doing the cutting and Carl doing the brush throwing.

Meanwhile Dalton used a selection of pry bars to begin the task of taking apart the old bridge.  Dalton focused on removing the triple-layer of 3" x 6" beams that were nailed along each side of the bridge. 

After a couple hours of work, the rain that had been forecast came in and put an early end to the work day.  But with the work that got done, a larger crew can come in next week and finish stripping the lumber off the bridge so the steel beams can be removed.  Here are some pictures from Saturday:

Dalton Binette uses a pry bar to remove some of the boards from the old bridge.  By the time the rain started, Dalton had removed
the side timbers from both sides of the bridge and they were stacked at each end of the bridge for their removal next week.


Carl Bull stacks some wood that will be brought back to the clubhouse for firewood.


This is the new bridge approach as seen from the west.  The new bridge will be wide enough for a groomer so the width
of the trail leading up to it is being doubled from 8 feet to 16 feet.

We would like to thank the three volunteers who came out this past weekend to help with this project.  We still plan to continue our spring trail work program until the bugs come out so stay tuned to the WMRR website for details on the next trail work day.  Also remember that if you volunteer for any club projects, you will be invited to our annual volunteer party!


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