Six Trail Projects Completed Over Weekend

November 9, 2013

Pictures and Story by Larry Gomes

A total of seven volunteers responded to our call for help last Saturday.  The group gathered at the clubhouse to load up and then headed up to their first project:  deliver a new firewood rack and fill it with firewood plus install a new stove at the club Warming Hut. 

Along the way, another pickup truck joined the group and when the guy driving it found out he was locked into Jericho Park, he decided to help with the stove project.  After the old stove was removed and the new stove installed, the group also picked up the generator from the doghouse so it could be serviced.

With that job done, the crew split into two groups.  Group 1 headed out to install two new wood beams under a bridge on Corridor 11.  That group consisted of Eric Johnson, Bob and Jen McCourt, Luke Peterson and Trail Master Bryan MacDonald.  They used the club trailer and ATV's to bring out two jacks, two beams and other supplies. 

When they got to the site, the first order of business was cutting up the 16" diameter tree that had fallen on the bridge.  Eric brought his big chainsaw which made short work of this task and the group was able to roll the log sections off the bridge.

Then they used a high-lift that Eric had brought from home to lift up the bridge.  Using a rope, they were able to pull the new beams into place and then carefully lower the bridge back into place.  The group then used the club nail gun to nail the decking onto the new beams.  The entire repair process only took a half hour which is a testament to the great planning by all involved.

Group 1 then made their way over to the Nay Pond trail where they removed blow downs and cut back some sections of trails that were too narrow for the groomers.

Meanwhile Larry and two other volunteers (who wish to remain anonymous) headed out of the park to install sign posts.  They visited 4 different locations and installed a total of 9 sign posts.  The last project of the day was loading up some unused railroad ties that were left out on Corridor 19 from one of the previous bridge projects.

On Sunday, Eric and Larry went out to the Cates Hill Trail and met up with Matt Godbout to install gates.  By the end of the day a total of 4 new gates had been installed.

Here are some pictures from both crews on both days:


This is a picture of the 16" diameter tree that crew had to cut up before they could lift
 the bridge.  Unfortunately they forgot to take a picture when the bridge was jacked
up in the air so you will have to use your imagination for that one!


A line of trucks wait while the gate to Jericho Park is opened up.


Eric towed another load of firewood up to the warming hut with the club trailer.

A used air-tight stove donated by Mike Godzik from Errol was installed to replace the Vermont Castings catalytic stove.
The air-tight stove will be easier to light and does not require as much cleaning as the Vermont Castings stove.


A new firewood rack was brought up to increase the amount of firewood stored at the Warming Hut.  Last winter
the hut ran out of wood and it was difficult to bring up extra wood in the middle of the winter.  We still need more
wood to fill this new rack.  If you have time to help cut wood for the Warming Hut, please let us know.

Sign posts were strapped to Larry's ATV and brought up to be installed on Mt. Forist.

There was a nice view of a snow capped Mt.  Washington in the distance.

These railroad ties were loaded by the light of a flashlight out on Corridor 19 on Saturday night. By Sunday morning, they
were covered with an inch or two of fresh snow.    They are now piled up behind the WMRR clubhouse for the next project.


Larry sets one of the pins to hold up this new gate on part of the Cates Hill Trail.


Eric holds up one the last of 4 gates that were installed on Sunday along the Cates Hill Trail.  Note all the snow has melted.

The last project of the day was to install this commemorative plaque near the trail crossing on Cates Hill Road.
Roger Godbout was one of the clubs early champions who established the Cates Hill Trail and also the
section of Corridor 19 between Berlin and Milan.  His two sons Matt and Mike carry on his tradition.
Mike is the Vice President of the club and Matt does all of the heavy trail work for the club.
One of Matt's excavators is shown in the background.

We really appreciate the efforts from all these volunteers and the many others who stepped up to help this year.  Thanks to you, our trail system has never been in better shape. 

Other than a few signage issues, we have now completed all of the trail work on our list for this year.  Next week we will start the process of taking pictures and GPS readings so we can apply for grant money for next years projects.

With lots of cold air building up in Canada, it won't be long before the ground starts freezing up and the snow starts to stick.  Happy sledding to all!


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