Two Crews Make Progress on Signage Issues

November 2, 2013

Pictures by Eric Johnson and Larry Gomes
Story by Larry Gomes

Two crews headed out in different directions on Saturday to start working on signage issues.  Eric Johnson headed out on Corridor 11 with a trailer full of bridge corner holders and object markers mounted on stakes.  He worked his way up the trail from PT118 junction all the way south to the last gate.  At each bridge, he inspected the bridge corner holders and replaced any that were broken.  Then he installed the object markers on stakes in each of the corner holders.  These markers are used by riders and also by groomer operators so they know where the bridge is located, especially after a heavy snowfall.

Meanwhile Larry and Kate Gomes headed out in their pickup to install sign posts at several locations in the trail system.  They started at Alternate 19 in Milan, then hit Corridor 19 in Milan and then moved on to install a gate and sign posts on the Nay Pond Trail.  Their last stop of the day was on Cates Hill where trail work was done earlier in the summer.  By the end of the day, they had installed 12 new sign posts and reset to other posts that were leaning over due to encounters with moose using them as scratching posts.

Here are some pictures from both crews:

Here is a bridge before the markers have been installed.


Here is another bridge with the new markers installed.
Much better than running into that ditch on the left side.


Friday nights windstorm brought down this massive tree on one of the bridges.
Two bridge beams were broken in half by the tree and must be replaced.


Eric was able to cut the top of the tree off and then use his winch to make room for
his ATV to get by.  But it still needs to be cut up and moved off the bridge
before repairs can be done to the broken beams.


This new gate was installed by Larry and Kate on the Nay Pond Trail to keep wheeled vehicles from gaining
access to the snowmobile trails north of Jericho Park.  The club just spent a lot of money fixing up these
trails but they are still very wet and need time to dry out.


In accordance with Bureau of Trails signing rules, a "Gate Ahead" sign was and post was dug in on either side of the new gate.


Our thanks go out to Eric, Kate and Larry for their work on these projects.  We still have 8 more sign posts and 4 more gates to install.  We are looking for volunteers with ATV's to head out to some of our more remote trail locations to help with this work.  We also have some more trees reported down on our trails from last Friday's windstorm.  Please consider giving us one Saturday over the next two weeks so we can finish up these projects.


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