Welding Completed on Rocky Pond Brook Bridge

October 25, 2013

Pictures by Pete Peare
Story by Larry Gomes

Last week the Matt Godbout used his excavator to set two new steel beams on the twenty-six foot long bridge over Rocky Pond Brook.  During the following week, club members Shaun Roy and Pete Peare made a trip out to the bridge site and measured for bracing to secure the new beams.  Then they went back to Berlin, cut the bracing pieces and returned on Friday to weld them in place.

Normally Shaun welds bracing in from underneath the bridge using a ladder, but he was not too keen about having the bottom of the ladder in two feet of rushing water so he came up with a new plan.  He bought a sheet of 3/4" plywood and cut it to fit in between the beams.  Using several pieces he was able to build a temporary platform that he could work from with Pete handing him the necessary pieces that needed to be welded.

The idea worked really well and the next day, the bridge building crew used the same plywood to install the stringers on the bridge.  When they were done, they used that same plywood to patch holes in a bridge in downtown Berlin so lets just say, that plywood purchase was some money well spent!

Here are some pictures from Friday:

Shaun welds in some bracing using a plywood platform that he cut to fit between the steel beams.  The club has a portable arc welder
that was brought out to the site for this job.


This shot shows the finished bridge structure.  The bridge was originally built with two beams and the club was concerned
that if a groomer got off to one side or the other, it could tip the bridge over because the decking was overhanging the
the beams by three and a half feet.  By adding two more beams to the outside edges, it created a much more stable bridge.


Our sincere thanks go out to Shaun and Pete for the work they did on this bridge and getting it done in time so the decking crew could finish the bridge the next day.


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