Cor. 11 Trail Inspection Provides Some Good News

October 13, 2013

Pictures by John Higgins
Story by Larry Gomes

Eric Johnson and John Higgins took it upon themselves to do a trail inspection of Corridor 11 on Sunday.  After the microburst damage found on PT109, several people were wondering if we had a similar problem on Corridor 11.

So the guys drove out to Loop Road and accessed the trail through one of the gates.  They were pleasantly surprised by what they found.  Other than a few downed trees, there was no microburst damage and all of the bridges (other than the one bridge that had failed last year) were intact.

They even found out that a section of trail along the pipeline had a new smooth surface on it since the Berlin Water Works had installed a new line and resurfaced the top of the pipeline with gravel.

With three major cutting projects in progress and one bridge left to build, everyone was glad there were no new problems found.  Many thanks to Eric and John for getting this inspection done!

Here are some pictures from their trip:

Eric checks out a large tree across the trail.  This was the largest tree that was down and they
were able to cut it up and move it aside.


Eric does a bridge inspection.   The only clue there is a bridge here is the corner marker laying on the ground.


This is going to make for one sweet trail.  The Berlin Water Works buried a new pipe and they did a great job of
 smoothing out the surface when they were done.


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