Trail Work Near Mt. Jasper is Complete

August 28, 2013

Pictures and Story by Larry Gomes

After a very wet June and early July, the rains finally let up and our excavator operator Matt Godbout made great progress in finishing off the trail work on the Cates Hill Trail. 

The trail work started at the old city landfill where a new parking lot was built and then went all the way to the top of the Suicide Hill Trail.  Along the mile-long route, the trail was ditched and widened, rocks and stumps were removed and washouts were repaired.

Several new gates were also installed to keep wheeled vehicle traffic off the newly rebuilt trail.  The trail will also be used as an alternative route to Mt. Jasper providing a high-elevation route from the parking lot on Cates Hill.


This is a section of the reworked trail near the intersection of the Suicide Hill Trail.  Over three weekends during the spring,
20 volunteers cut the trees back along a mile of trail so the excavator could go through and rebuild the trail.
This will be a magic carpet ride this winter once the snow flies!  In the meantime, it makes a great hiking trail.


This is the view looking Southeast from the Top of Mt. Jasper.  There are stone bluffs that get you right out on the edge so you have a
great view in all directions to the south.


This is the view looking Southwest with the Dead River in  the foreground and the Kilkenny Range in the background.


Map showing all the trails in the Mt. Jasper area.  The green trail is the approximate route of the new high-elevation trail. 
The blue trail shows the existing hiking trail from the Berlin High School parking lot.  The red trails are existing snowmobile trails.

The hiking trail from the new parking lot is being marked by volunteers from the Appalachian Mountain Club and they are hoping to have the work done in the next few weeks.  This was a great project and we sincerely thank all of the volunteers who made it possible.  Also thanks go out to Matt Godbout from MG Construction for volunteering several hours of excavator time for this project.


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