Trail Work on Corridor 19 is Making Progress

August 27, 2013

Pictures and Story by Larry Gomes

A crew of three volunteers showed up for the sixth trail work day of 2013 season.  The day started at the clubhouse loading up gear in preparation for a trip out to Corridor 19 near State Garage Road.

In April, crews did some work on this section of trail cutting a new crossing near Rt. 110A and removing the railings from a bridge that needed to be redecked.

The excavator arrived a couple of weeks ago and started reworking the trail from State Garage Road in Milan to Rt. 110A in Dummer.   The first order of business was to install a new rock barrier across the pipeline and then to install a gate on the trail.  This will keep wheeled vehicles from rutting up the newly restored trail.

The excavator then pulled the old deck off the 40' bridge just north of State Garage Road and piled the debris up so it can be brought to the recycling center.  The excavator then kept working its way north relocating the trail along the western side of the power line.  This relocation serves two purposes: 1) It takes it off the right side of the power line where there is a buried pipeline.  In its present location, we were unable to do any trail repairs because the trail was too close to the pipeline.  2) The snow depths are greater along the western tree line due to the protection from the prevailing northwest winds.

But the big job of the day was moving 2 tons of decking into the bridge.  The truck was only able to back in so far and after that the materials had to be loaded onto an ATV trailer and brought to the bridge site.  It took several hours, but the crew was able to move the new materials in and take old materials out maximizing their travel each way.

Our sincere thanks go out to Bob Morin, Bob Rodrique and Larry Gomes for their work on this project.

Loaded and ready to head out with an ATV, an ATV trailer and the club welder.


After bringing in the welder, Bob Morin (left) and Bob Roderique finish strapping down a load of old bridge timbers that were
stripped from the bridge by the excavator.  The welder will be used by Shaun Roy to weld new cross braces between the bridge beams.


New bridge decking is loaded and ready to be hauled in.  Since parts of the trail were muddy, "8-wheel drive" was needed to get the load through.
In this picture, Bob Morin gets ready to provide the extra traction needed with strap to Larry's ATV.   On the right hand side of the trail
is a load of railroad ties brought by club member Scott Riendeau.  These will be used to build new wing walls on each side of the bridge
 to keep the dirt ramps leading up to the bridge from falling into the river.


After several trips, the wood was moved to the bridge and stacked in separate piles by length. 
Even though the skies darkened up,  it never rained.

Once we were done with the materials move, we could not resist checking out Matts work on the new trail.  This is the section
looking south towards the bridge.


From the same location, this is the trail looking north.  The trail work Matt did is amazing and this section of trail would be passable
in even the most minimal snow conditions.  You can see how the new trail is shaded while the rest of the power line is still in the sun. 
Along with the protection from north westerly winds, this early afternoon shade will also help to preserve the snow cover.


The trailer is loaded for the trip back.  The old decking will be brought to the recycling center where it will be chipped up for mulch.


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