Flooding Damages Key Trail in Jericho Park

April 12, 2014

Pictures and Story by Larry Gomes

One of the main trails into Jericho Park has been damaged by flooding.  The trail which is called Corridor 19 in the winter and the Pipeline Trail in the summer has ruts that are up to 2 feet deep across the trail.

All of the water coming from the hill above this trail is still running across the Pipeline trail in several places.  This will be difficult to fix since the water must first be routed to its normal ditch line and then gravel will need to be brought in to fill the ruts and repair the trail.

None of these repairs can be started until the frost is out of the ground so this could cause one of the major entrances into the Park (from Jericho Motorsports) to be closed until repairs can be completed.

Here are some pictures of the damage found on Saturday:

Picture of one of the ruts on the Connector trail leading up to the Pipeline trail.

Ruts across the intersection with the Pipeline trail and the Connector trail.

The majority of the water is running down ditches along Alternate 19 (called Buford's Way in the summer) and once it reaches the stop sign
shown in the picture above, it is coming out of the ditch line and across the intersection in several places.


A close up picture of the area near the stop sign and the ruts across the intersection.


Looking west from the intersection down Corridor 19 south (called the Pipeline Trail in the summer).  This entire section of trail will need
repairs that are made more difficult by the City of Berlin's water line that runs under the trail.


There is a lot of water crossing the trail.  This is just one of the streams which is 2' wide and 6" deep.  Hopefully the water
will recede over the next few weeks because it would be impossible to do any repairs with the amount of water crossing
the trail right now.


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