Corridor 11 Inspection Reveals One Bridge Failure

October 27, 2012

Pictures by Eric Johnson
Story by Larry Gomes

Our ninth trail work day was focused on Corridor 11.  A two man crew consisting of Eric Johnson and Dalton Binette traveled south on Corridor 11 from the PT118 junction cleaning bridges and removing downed trees. 

One of the banks holding up one of the bridges had failed dropping the bridge down about 2' from the height of the trail.  The club is currently evaluating options on how to repair this bridge.  Given that this section of trail has a total of 44 bridges and had record rainfall during hurricane Irene, it is not surprising that we had one bridge fail.

Eric and Dalton used square edged shovels to clear off the debris from the bridge decks.  Doing this type of maintenance every few years will extend the life of the bridge decks by allowing the decking to dry out in the summer. 

Our club extends our sincere thanks to Eric and Dalton for the work they did on this trail and for finding the bridge failure early enough so it can be repaired.

Here are some pictures from Saturday:


Bridges before they got cleaned.


Bridges after cleaning.  Regular maintenance like this will extend the deck life by several years.


This bridge had a layer of dirt that was 5" to 6" deep on it.  A rainstorm (probably hurricane Irene last fall) must have washed the dirt down the hill
and grass grew up through it over last summer.  It took the guys quite a while to shovel this bridge clean.


This is one of a half-dozen trees that the crew found laying across the trail.  They cut these trees up into 4' lengths and stacked them
on the side of the trail so the groomer operators can take the wood out this winter.


This sign post got hammered by a falling tree limb, but the crew was able to straighten it out after the tree was cut up.


This is a picture of the failed bridge which is barely visible under a thick coating of leaves.


This is a close up view of the banking that failed and dropped one side of the bridge into the stream.  Repairing this will not be easy
since a bridge like this weighs around 1,200 lbs.



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