Corridor 19 Reroute is Now Complete

October 20, 2012

Pictures by and Story by Larry Gomes

Our eighth trail work day started out cloudy and misty, but eventually became uncomfortably warm.  Winds were light and with temps in the 60's and the insects decided to stage a comeback which made the work a little more uncomfortable than normal.   The first project of the day was the installation of a gate on PT108 (the snowmobile trail into Berlin).  This task was completed in under an hour by Eric Johnson and Larry Gomes.

The volunteers then split into two groups.  The first group consisting of Eric Johnson, Pete Johnson and Ernie headed out to Corridor 11 to do an inspection and bridge cleaning.  They cut overhanging trees and cleaned several bridges before they decided to finish the day with an ATV ride in Jericho Park and the new trail through Gorham.

The second group consisting of Bryan MacDonald and Larry Gomes picked up some materials at the lumber yard and then went out to install a fence along Corridor 19 near Milan Village.  This is a permanent metal fence that replaces a temporary plastic fence that was put up to keep snowmobiles from riding across an open farmers field.

Meanwhile the club's excavator operator Matt Godbout was finishing up work on the Corridor 19 reroute near Dummer Pond Road and PT117.  By the end of Saturday, the reroute had been completed and all that was needed was the installation of some gate posts and sign posts.  This reroute consisted of relocating and rebuilding just over a mile of trail avoiding 3 separate wet areas. 

This is a great start to improving this trail, but over the next few years, the club has plans to rework another 7.5 miles of Corridor 19 between Milan Village and Dummer Pond.

Again we really thank all of the volunteers who came to help.  We hope some of you who are reading this will make an attempt to spend at least one Saturday working on some of the remaining trail projects. 

Here are some pictures from Saturday:


Eric Johnson stands behind the new gate that is intended to keep ATV traffic from traveling down this snowmobile trail.
The gate was donated by the Androscoggin Valley ATV club and installed by WMRR volunteers.


Bryan MacDonald checks the tape measure while laying out fence posts every five feet.


The fence is now installed along the edge of the trail.  The trail was moved off the field shown on the left.
 The goal is to keep snowmobiles off the field in the winter so the farmer can maximize his yield in the summer.


Two moose are standing in the distance checking out the excavator and the new trail up the power line.


This is part of the new route for Corridor 19.  This section is paralleling Dummer Pond Road as the trail heads north.
Barely visible in the distance is another excavator that is located at the junction with PT117.  This reroute keeps the trail high and dry
on the west side of Dummer Pond road and out of the swampy areas that we have dealt with for years on the east side of Dummer Pond Road.


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