Fall Trail Work Has Started

September 21, 2012

Pictures by Eric Johnson and Larry Gomes
Story by Larry Gomes

Our fifth trail work day (Sept. 15th) was a cool, cloudy day perfect for trail work.  But with only 2 volunteers we were limited in what we could do.  Many thanks to Eric Johnson for getting up early, driving 2 hours from Loudon and then returning to Loudon after our trail work was done.

The first project involved taking apart a guard rail on Corridor 19 just south of the clubhouse.  This guard rail has been in the way of our grooming operations for years making it difficult for the groomer make the turn at the top of the hill and also limiting the space available to pass sleds by.

The Berlin Water Works gave the club permission to remove the guard rail and the State of NH volunteered to dump gravel along this section of trail to level the surface.  Once the guard rail is removed, an excavator will pull up the support posts and the entire assembly will be delivered to the Berlin Water Works to be placed elsewhere.


Eric works on the bolts holding the guard rail together.  Even though the bolts were old, they came apart easily and it only took an hour to
take the entire guard rail apart.  Note the new gravel that was dumped along this section of trail to level it.


Our second project involved moving two bridges to Corridor 19 and PT109.  These bridges were on a trail where the water flow has changed and they are no longer needed.
Since the bridges weigh over 1,000lbs each, we decided to cut them in half to make it easier to pick them up and move them.

After the bridges were cut in half, two holes were cut in the the center of each section and then a chain was used to hoist them up with a tractor onto a trailer.


Eric loops the chain through the holes in the bridge in preparation for the bridge section to be lifted.


Larry straps down the bridge sections to his trailer in preparation for them to be moved to their new locations.


The first bridge was delivered to a logging road off Spruceville Road in Milan near the northern end of PT109.  This bridge will be used to span a deep water bar that is now has 3' of water in it due to a new beaver dam in the area.

We plan to use a tractor to drag the bridge into its new location and then hoist the bridge into place over the water bar.  A new center beam will be placed between the two bridge sections and each section will be nailed to the center beam to tie the bridge back together.

The second bridge was delivered to Corridor 19 in Milan, on the power line north of State Garage Road.  There is a stream crossing in this area where the stream runs across and then down the trail and it is always wet in the winter.  This bridge will span this crossing until we get a chance to rework this section of trail.

In addition to setting these bridges, we still have several other projects to be done before the snow flies.  Please consider coming up and spending one Saturday to help us out.  Our next trail work day will be Saturday, September 29th.

If you would like to be added to our email notification list for trail work, please send your email address to larry@twolakeslodge.com

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