New ATV Connector to Cedar Brook Road Completed

July 2, 2012

Picture by John Higgins
Story and Map by Larry Gomes

The Millsfield ATV Club has completed work upgrading the eastern most section of PT117 so it can accommodate ATV traffic.  The upgraded section of trail connects Dummer Pond Road with Cedar Brook Road and will allow a new ATV parking area to be established at the end of Cedar Brook Road just north of Rt. 110A.

The upgraded trail is expected to open up this summer and the new parking area on Cedar Brook Road will be opened at that time as well.  The goal is to provide a larger parking area for ATV riders that want to access the trails in the Dummer and Millsfield area.  A smaller parking area at the end of Dummer Pond Road will be closed once this new parking area has been opened.

The upgraded trail is a big improvement for snowmobilers as well.  In addition to new drainage, the trail has also been straightened and smoothed out providing a much better surface for snowmobile traffic.

Existing snowmobile trails are shown in red on this map.  The new ATV parking lot will be established in an existing log
yard at the southern end of Cedar Brook Road.  When the new lot is opened, ATV traffic will be allowed to ride north
on Cedar Brook Road and then will take a right onto another gravel road that will bring them to the upgraded trail
and then down onto Dummer Pond Road.  From there ATV's can access the entire Millsfield ATV Club trail system.


This is a view of the the upgraded trail (PT117) as seen from Dummer Pond Road.  The new trail has ditches
on both sides and culverts were installed whereever water needed to cross the trail.  The small bridge over the ditch
in the foreground is just wide enough for ATV traffic, but prevents 4WD traffic from accessing the trail from
Dummer Pond Road.  There is another ditch just like this at the top of this trail to prevent 4WD traffic from coming
 down the trail from Cedar Brook Road.  Picture courtesy of John Higgins.

We would like to extend a sincere "Thank You" to the Millsfield ATV Club for funding this work and also to Matt Godbout who did the excellent excavator work on this trail. 

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