Two More Trail Projects Completed on 4th Trail Work Day

May 12, 2012

Pictures and Story by Larry Gomes

Our fourth trail work day was another picture perfect day with dry conditions.  Our crew started out with 2 volunteers, Eric and Larry.  Eric deserves a lot of credit.  He got up early, drove 2 hours from Concord to get the clubhouse on time and then after the work was done, drove back to Concord so he could attend a Mothers Day celebration early on Sunday morning.   Thank you Eric for your dedication.

After loading up at the club house, we met the landowner out at the work site on Corridor 19 under the power lines in Milan.  Our goal was to corduroy over a section of trail that had been dug up by ATV's a few weeks ago.  Our concern was that this hole would continue to get bigger and might become a problem for grooming equipment and riders.

This section of trail is scheduled to be blocked off with rocks and a gate this summer, but unfortunately, it did not happen in time to prevent this damage.  When we found out about the damaged trail, we contacted the landowner and he gave us the permission needed to file a DES permit.

We started out with the idea of cutting up a bunch of downed trees next to the trail, but it turns out that many of these trees were too rotted to be used.  With the landowner present, he was able to make decisions about what live trees could be cut.  So with his help, we started a selective cut thinning out process.  To our surprise, our landowner came prepared with his own chain saw and safety gear!  As he cut, we pulled and positioned trees across the mud hole and it did not take long to fill in the damaged section of trail.


Here is the damaged section of trail that needed to be repaired.


This is the trail after the corduroy work was done.  The water continues to flow under the corduroy and
yet it will be strong enough to hold up the groomer once the ground begins to freeze.


Our second project involved moving some hay from a farmers field to another section of Corridor 19.  The hay had inadvertently left out in the middle of the field over the winter and was no good to the farmer.  But for us it was just what we needed to fill in some holes along a relocated section of trail along the power line.  Eventually we will be doing some excavator work to fill in these holes, but in the meantime, the water soaked hay will do the job just fine.


Our trail master Bryan MacDonald showed up at noon with his pickup and trailer and we were able to drive right into the field to pick up the rain soaked hay bales.


Picking up these bales was not easy.  The strings broke apart as soon as you tried to lift them plus the bales were wet from the recent rains so we ended up moving them in pieces.


Once all of the hay bales were loaded, we moved them to one of the access roads that cross the power line trail.  From there we loaded the bales onto an ATV trailer and drove them out to the trail dumping them into holes along the way.  Unfortunately we forgot to take the camera so we did not get a picture of this operation.  But it worked pretty well and we were able to fill in holes along 1/4 mile section of trail.  It will still take another 70 or so bales to finish the job and we are planning to buy the rest of the hay in the fall when it becomes available from local farmers.

Many thanks to Art, Eric, Bryan and Larry for taking care of these two important projects.  We will be taking a break from trail work for the summer and plan to be back at in starting in September.

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