Woodburn and Cryans Tour WMRR Trail System
February 21, 2014

New Hampshire Senator Jeff Woodburn and Mike Cryans, Commissioner from Grafton County and candidate for the State Councelor's seat previously held by the late Ray Burton toured the White Mountain Ridge Runners trail system on Monday, Feb. 17th.

Their tour was hosted by groomer operators Bob Morin and Larry Gomes.  The trip consisted of a 3 hour tour of 14 miles of trail visiting the Jericho Warming Hut and the top of Mt. Forist along the way.

Both men were surprised by the extent of the trail system, the size of the grooming equipment and the amount of volunteer labor that it took to keep the system going..  They asked a lot of questions and at the end of the trip both said they were really glad they took the time to take the tour.

On Wednesday, February 19th, Senator Woodburn made the following statement to his colleagues in the senate:

"Mister President I rise to make comments of personal privilege. On Monday night -- two days ago -- I had the opportunity to spend three hours grooming the snowmobile trails at Jericho Mountain State Park in Berlin with members of the White Mountain Ridge Runners, one of the North Country's leading snowmobile clubs. Larry Gomes and Robert Morin were great tour guides. 

This trip was a vivid reminder of the remarkable work that the 110 volunteer snowmobile clubs do -- they build and maintain nearly 7,200 miles of trails from Salem to Pittsburg and Conway to Lebanon. In fact there are more snowmobile trails than state highways. They are sophisticated organizations that rely almost entirely on generous property owners who allow trails to cross their property. 

Not only do these trails encourage wholesome outdoor recreation but they also are a major economic driver -- generating $580 million dollars of economic activity annually. All of this is done with no general fund dollars since the entire system is self-funded through registration fees and some federal RTP grants funded by the federal gas tax on off highway vehicles.

I want to recognize the state's Trails Bureau chief Chris Gamache and his small but capable staff and of course, Gail Hanson, Executive Director of the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association. Two weeks ago, they hosted their 42nd Annual Ride In event in Gorham, NH where clubs competed with each other to raise funds for Easter Seal's Camp Snow-Mo. This year they raised over $83,000 which will be used to send over 100 special needs kids to summer camp.

The combination of willing landowners, local clubs, dedicated volunteers, self-funding along with some State coordination is model we should all strive to emulate since it shows how great things can be accomplished with little or no impact on taxpayers."

We thank Senator Woodburn and Commissioner Cryans for taking the time to visit our club's trails and they have an open invitation to return any time for another tour.

Editors Note: The special election to fill the Executive Councilor seat for District 1 will be held on Tuesday March 11. 
For more information on Mike Cryans please visit: https://www.facebook.com/mikecryans


Mike Cryans (left) and Jeff Woodburn (right) pose for a quick picture for getting into two WMRR groomers for their tour of the
trail system.  Bob Morin (center) was one of the operators and Larry Gomes (taking the picture) was the other operator.

Jeff Woodburn snapped this great photo of Berlin from the top of Mt. Forist.  It was a cold clear night with
no wind as you can see from the steam rising from the recently commissioned biomass plant.


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