Car Gets Stuck on Trail

March 23, 2013

A driver from Groveton got stuck on the trail Alternate 19 north of Head Pond.  The driver got stuck late on Friday night and ended up staying the car overnight and then he walked out to Rt. 110 on Saturday morning and got a ride to the Berlin Police station. 

The club was notified by NH Bureau of Trails and the recovery was coordinated by NH Fish and Game.  Evidently the driver was riding around and not sure where he was and since it was late at night, he thought the trail was a plowed road.

He was issued a ticket by Fish and Game for driving a motor vehicle on a groomed trail.  The groomer operator, George Falardeau was able to use the winch on the front of the club's Tucker to pull the car back onto the trail and then the driver was able to back down the trail to the plowed road.


Car stuck on Alternate 19 north of Head Pond.  Pictures courtesy of Brian MacDonald and Greg Lekstrom.



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