2016 Steak Feed Pictures

February 6, 2016


We would like to thank all attendees and sponsors for helping to make this event possible. We had many great raffle prizes to give away due to our strong sponsorship base. Even though the riding wasn't great due to lack of snow, all those who attended seemed to have a great time and we had a great turnout. Also, a big thanks to all of our volunteers



The menu, which was expanded this year to include Onion Rings.


Ready to serve the guests of the 2016 Steak/Hamburger Feed!


Our Tucker SnoCat sits on the side of Route 110 welcoming folks to the Steak Feed.


In the clubhouse in addition to seating was a full service buffet containing salad, baked potatoes and fries, as well as other sides.


Club members assist with the frying of French fries and onion rings.


Even though snowmobile trail conditions were marginal due to a lack of snow, the Steak Feed was still a success. Several ATVs stopped to join in the fun.

Our old PistenBully groomer on the side of Corridor 19 by the clubhouse acting as a billboard.

All of the great raffle prizes thanks to our awesome sponsors.

Table was set up to take food orders as well as sell prize and 50/50 raffle tickets and sell club hats and T-Shirts. Club decals and leftover maps were free to take.


Once again, the outdoor cooking station was a great set up, running both charcoal and gas grills as well as gas fryers.


Not only did we have a great turnout of guests, we were also fortunate to have had plenty of volunteers to help out and socialize with the guests.


Our hard-working volunteers took a moment for a group photo


See you all again next year!


(Photos Courtesy: Brittany Tardiff, Dalton Binette, the Jericho Warming Hut Facebook Page, and Tom Belanger)


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