Most Trails Sign Are Down

April 12, 2014
Story by Larry Gomes
Pictures by Carl Bull and Larry Gomes

On Saturday, two volunteers headed out to take down trail signs on the WMRR system.  But they ran into a major problem before they had gone very far - most of the snow on the trail heading north from the clubhouse had melted.  They very quickly decided to just take care of the intersections in the immediate area and to focus their attention on Jericho Park where there was more snow.

After taking down the junction signs at the 4 major junctions on Corridor 19 just north of the clubhouse, they unloaded these signs and south into Jericho Park.  The first problem they hit was a major washout at the junction of Corridor 19 and Alternate 19 (on the pipe line trail).  There was rushing water and ruts 2 feet deep.  (Click HERE for related story.)

 After crossing through this intersection and heading up in elevation, the snow pack started to build.  By the time they reached the Mt. Forist Trail, the snow was 6" deep, but it was melting fast.

They made a loop through the park, taking down junction signs at over a dozen junctions.  They also decided to drop the drag and ride out to close several gates that are not easily accessed.  By the end of a long 12-hour day, all of the signs south of the WMRR clubhouse had been collected and several gates had been closed.

Here are some pictures from Saturday:

Larry uses a rechargeable drill to remove the screws holding the signs to the sign post.  He then removes the sign and hands it down to Carl.
The Tucker blade is set up perfectly for this operation with plenty of room to stand on it comfortably.


Carl uses another rechargeable drill to screw the signs onto sign posts on a sign rack that was specially made to fit on top of the drag.
The signs ride comfortably on their posts until they are removed back at the clubhouse.


Carl closes and locks one of the gates on Corridor 11 in Randolph a mile north of Pond of Safety.  It was faster to drop the drag
and just take the groomer out to some of these remote gate sites.


Back at the clubhouse, a full load of signs is ready to be removed from the drag and stored for the summer. 

There are still several junctions north of the clubhouse that have signs that must come down.  But we will have to reach these locations using ATV's since there is not enough snow left to bring the groomer north.

It's amazing how quickly the snow melted this year.  On Monday, the trail north was groomed and reported to be in good shape.  By Saturday, it had long sections of bare ground.  We are not used to having snow this late in the year, so the sun is much stronger than we expected. 

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