Berlin Resident Wants to See Sidewalks Plowed

March 4, 2014
By Barbara Tetreault
Berlin Daily Sun

To the editor

Mayor Grenier and the members of the Berlin City Council, I realize in these difficult economic times, the Berlin city budget must be stretched pretty thin. However, public safety should be priority for this community.

I am a frequent pedestrian, and like many of my fellow walkers, have been force to be a law-breaker while trying to get from place to place. I meant to say I am a Jay-walker—because, to put it mildly, the sidewalks in this city are a disgrace. Many, if not the majority are simply not maintained at all during the winter. The side walk on my street has yet to be plowed—at all—during this entire winter. In order to get to work, I am forced to walk in the road, which is hazardous to me, and the drivers.

This past week, a senior citizen was hurt in a fall by the Rite Aid store. That sidewalk is so poorly plowed and salted that it has become an ice coated menace to pedestrians. I have personally witnessed the workers of rite aid spreading salt to make the passage possible. This is not acceptable.

One reason for this is that the needs of snowmobilers is being placed above the safety of us all who walk. The corner by Rite aid is not plowed, to allow passage by machines — which results in a stretch of snow and ice covered sidewalk. Please explain to me; why is the recreational desires of a minority placed above the need for safety of the rest of the citizens of this city.

I wonder what it will take to make the sidewalks around Berlin passable. It is nice that Main Street sidewalks are clear, but how do you expect us to get to Main Street? I know the city has sidewalk plows, why not use them? Or perhaps, you view safety as a luxury that Berlin can not afford.

Sincerely (and frustrated ;)

Ellen Tavino



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