Recreational Trails Program Update

 Americans for Responsible Access Newsletter
November 15, 2015


We have delayed the release of this newsletter awaiting word on House action on the transportation bill. We are into the home stretch in saving the Recreational Trails Program (RTP) and the news is good.

The House Transportation Committee decided to reauthorize the program and sent its bill to the House floor for action. Two amendments were then filed that would have stripped authorization of RTP.

One amendment was withdrawn by its sponsor and the other amendment was ruled not in order for floor consideration.

If all goes well, a final bill will be on the Presidentís desk just before the Thanksgiving holiday. If it happens as planned, we will all have another reason to be thankful.


Note: We are currently awaiting RTP funds for two trail projects. The first, the rebuild of the trestle bridge behind Valley Creek Eatery will hopefully happen before snow flies. The second, rebuilding the section of Corridor 19 north of Route 110a will be delayed to next year.


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