RTP Safe For Now

 July 31, 2015

Thanks to all of you that answered last week's Call to Action!     Because of the many phone calls that Senator Lee's office received his Amendment was not brought forward for consideration. 

VICTORY for RTP!  Yesterday, The Senate passed a 6-year Highway Bill.  This bill passed the Senate with RTP in tact.  It will now move to House for consideration in September.

The Senate also passed the 3-month extension that the House had passed before they left DC for the August recess.  That means the current highway funding bill has been extended until October 31st.

If you have the opportunity to visit with your Senators or Congressman during the August recess, please remind them of the importance of RTP....and that you pay for that funding every time you fill your sled!

It appears that a multiple year bill will pass the House before October 31st.  It is unclear, at this point, if it will be the Senate bill or if they will draft their own legislation. The one thing that is clear is grassroots will have to be involved.  Your voice counts!

Thanks again for your efforts.  They paid off!

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