Federal RTP Funds are in Serious Danger of Being eliminated

 July 24, 2015

As you may recall, RTP is in the "Transportation Alternatives Program" portion of the Highway Funding Legislation.  Yesterday, Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) filed an amendment (S.A. 2280) to the Senate transportation bill, the DRIVE Act. His amendment would ELIMINATE the Transportation Alternatives Program -- and RTP (Recreational Trails Program).  

RTP provides about half of the funding needed to keep the snowmobile and ATV trails going in New Hampshire.  It is also used by the Appalachian Mountain Club and the Coos Trail for building and maintaining new hiking trails.  Funding comes from the gas taxes you pay when you fill your snowmobile, ATV or boat.  Without this program, our trail system would not have enough money to operate.
It is critical that you contact our  New Hampshire Senators so they know to oppose S.A. 2280:

Senator Kelly Ayotte
Manchester Office
1200 Elm Street, Suite 2
Manchester, NH 03101-2503
Phone: 603-622-7979
Fax: 603-622-0422
Senator Jean Shaheen
Manchester Office
1589 Elm Street
Suite 3
Manchester, NH 03101
Phone: 603-647-7500

Both the Senate and House are on a fast track -- they are trying to get out of town for their August recess.  PLEASE CALL TODAY. 

A few years ago your help was critical in restoring RTP funds.  It's time to save RTP again.

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