RTP Program Continued Until 2014
Governor Lynch Does Not Opt Out Program

July 16, 2012

The Recreational Trails Program was continued through September of 2014 in the new Federal Highway Bill, at 2009 funding levels. The one new provision in the bill that was added for RTP was that a Governor could “opt out” of the program and use the funds for highway projects if they should choose so.

Governor Lynch confirmed to us yesterday afternoon that he has no plans to “opt out” of the program and that the NH RTP Funds will be staying with the trails community in NH. We want to thank Governor Lynch for his continued support of the Statewide Trail Systems in NH. Several other states have been told their funds are going to highway projects but we are very fortunate to have the support of Governor Lynch and his staff for trails in NH.

NH has been confirmed to already be fully eligible for the FY13 Federal Funds.  A State’s Trails Advisory Committee (STAC) must meet at least once annually to be eligible. Our STAC met 3 times in FY 12.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer trail season. Thank you to all of you that helped work with our Congressional Delegation to continue supporting the RTP in the new Highway Bill.

Chris Gamache, Chief
NH Bureau of Trails

Over the past year, WMRR posted several notices on this website urging snowmobilers and ATV riders to call and send letters to their senators and representatives in Washington DC.  This resulted in RTP being restored in both the House and Senate transportation bills so when those bills went to conference committee, RTP was preserved as a program with dedicated funds administered in the same way as the past.  For those of you who took the time to call or write, THANK YOU!  Sometimes we can get our bureaucrats in Washington to do the right thing.  Also thanks to Chris Gamache and Governor Lynch for not allowing NH to opt out of this program.   This is great news for all trail users in New Hampshire.

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