Old Hermit Shelter Built Near Nash Stream
Assisted by WMRR Club Member John Higgins

June 22, 2012

The Colebrook Chronicle


Volunteers cut and fasten metal roofing to the new Old Hermit Shelter, an exquisite, professionally wrought timber frame lean-to on
off the Arm of Sugarloaf Trail in the Nash Stream Forest in the Great North Woods. Dana Bartlett of East Colebrook and
John Higgins of Stark balance on the roof while Yvan Guay of Jefferson and Bruce Brekke of Whitefield measure and
cut metal for the men above. The shelter was raised by 22 volunteers with the Cohos Trail Association of West Stewartstown
and the Garland Mill (a water powered sawmill) of Lancaster.



Women volunteers Laine Castine of West Stewartstown, Mary Sturtevant of Sugar Hill, and Cynthia Bartlett of
East Colebrook hauled materials, stained lumber, cleared forest debris and constructed an access trail to
a water source during a two-day work marathon that saw the construction and completion of the
Cohos Trail Association's new professionally timber framed lean-to—Old Hermit Shelter—and its
attendant composting latrine high on Sugarloaf Arm in the Nash Stream Forest in the  Great North Woods. 
Kim R. Nilsen photos.

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