Old Man of the Mountain Relocates to Berlin

July 4, 2014
Berlin Daily Sun


 (Left) Hiking up Mount Jasper with her dad (Bob Poulin) and 8-year old son, Michelle Kinsella said the trio discovered this rock outcropping,
which they feld bore an uncanny resemblance to the Old Man of the Mountain.  Kinsella said the rock is a "about at mile .25 as you are
heading up the path with the blue rectangles.  As you are walking up, it will be on your left about 10 feet in from the trail.  It is a big boulder,
a little bit smaller than a VW bug.  You can see it from the trail (Courtesy Photo)


(Right) The original Old Man of the Mountain was visible from Franconia Notch until the rock outcropping felll in 2003 (Courtesy Photo).

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