End of January Storm Causes Massive Meltdown

Larry Gomes
January 31, 2012


There is no good news for anyone that was hoping to ride this weekend as part of the Easter Seals Ride-In.  50 Degree temperatures with over an inch of rain have caused rivers and streams to go bank full in just 24 hours.

Low lying areas are flooded and water bars have been washed out.  Because there was so much cold in the ground, the rain did not penetrate and so it ran off.  The ground is still frozen and should freeze back up quickly once temps drop.  But we are going to be left with ice everywhere.  It will take a good storm and a lot of grooming to get things back into shape.

The Ride-In Committee has cancelled the parade through downtown Gorham and will not be building a trail through town.  Also all guided rides have been cancelled.  All other events will go on as scheduled.

At this point, we have not determined if the WMRR groomers will not be going out.  In addition to concerns about snow cover, we are worried about the groomers sliding off the trail and getting stuck.

Here is the snow map before the storm:

Compare that to this map from after the storm:

Here is a picture from our club webcam before the storm:


Here is a picture from our club webcam after the storm:

WMRR Live WebCam

Stay tuned to the WMRR website for more updates.  We hope to have more info later in the day from club members who are out inspecting the trails.


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